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Holy Trinity, Weymouth

February 18, 2017

Holy Trinity, Weymouth


As it was half term, Weymouth was quite busy with visitors. At one end of the harbour bridge stands Holy Trinity with it’s door open to welcome people. It is well worth going in here as it is a beautifully kept church with a calm, prayerful, atmosphere.

Inside I found a selection of the Gospel Imprint leaflet (these are very good  but won’t suit all churches. See and some Prayer Trust Leaflets (see There are guide booklets to buy as well as a free simple guide sheet. Also some multi lingual guides.

A votive stand is available and several candles were alight on it. As I was looking around, a young woman came in and lit a candle and then sat quietly in a pew. This is one very good reason why churches should be open!

I found a display on Lent – good and a bit different and a display on the people of the church. The latter, is a powerful reminder that Church is about people. 9 entries in the visitors book this year (but it is early!). The church website is at . This has a lovely quote about the church being open – ‘We hope that people in the parish and the wider community of Weymouth see Holy Trinity as ‘their’ church and to that end it is kept open most weekdays.’ Excellent!



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  1. Thank you. I actually have several more entries to put up – I just haven’t had time to do it!

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