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St. Thomas, Salisbury

February 18, 2020


St. Thomas, Salisbury – in the heart of the delightful city and open each day.

This church has recently been reordered to a very high standard. It is a stunning space. On the day of my visit there were tow friendly stewards in attendance. There are guide books + some laminated guides (some in different languages) as well as postcards.


There is a prayer board to use, along with a leaflet giving some suggestions for prayers to use.

On the church website (a very informative site) there is a link to a mobile phone guide. See which is very good indeed. Some of the visitor information is a bit ‘buried’ in the website but you need to look under’ History and Heritage’ to find things. When you get there it is very good indeed.


Overall, this is a very good church to visit and a lot of thought has gone into welcoming people through the glass doors which look out onto a busy street.



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