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St. George, Damerham

October 23, 2018

St. George, Damerham


Tucked away and rather off the beaten track, St. George’s is well worth seeking out. They are keenly aware of their history here, especially of the many local men who fought and died in the first world war.DSCF3106

There is one of the perspex outlines sat in a pew to signify those who didn’t return from that long ago conflict.


Also, a display on a side altar and a large poster which gives biographical details of all those who died in that conflict.

Even without all this, this is a church which is very much rooted in it’s village community and has a lovely atmosphere of peace and calm, as well as of history. There is a guide book for sale (which you can find online at but no church website which is a pity.

Well worth seeking out.



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