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St. Mary’s, Weymouth

February 18, 2017

St. Mary’s, Weymouth


St. Mary’s is  in the centre of town. The door was open and a craft shop is run in the church, which was worth a look at. I found cards for sale and a guide book as well as postcards of the Last Supper painting which is such a feature of this church.

The church itself is pretty dark and gloomy, although the Lord’s Supper painting is illuminated. There is a simple prayer corner and book to enter prayers into – more illumination would make this more prominent. There is a church presence on A Church Near You but this gives a link to a defunct website. The proper site is at which does say that the church is open every Tuesday morning. I picked the right day to visit quite by chance! There is also a facebook presence which is mainly about the cafe which also is run in the church.


A well used building but probably more could be done for mid week visitors here – well worth seeing though.


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