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Review of English Church Buildings

January 3, 2017


The Review into the sustainability of English churches is the first ever government Review into the future of Church of England church buildings. Now is your opportunity to influence the thinking of those undertaking the Review.

The review is seeking the views of individuals and organisations who are interested in the future of England’s churches and cathedrals. Do you or your organisation have something to say? – if so, you have until noon on 31 January 2017.

You might not want to do it now. But you may wish to diarise it – half an hour should be plenty.

I suggest you access the questionnaire from the Historic Religious Buildings Alliance website, as they  have given some feedback based on the experience of other users.

The Church Tourism Study has been a bit quiet lately, due to moving and work commitments but, it will start up again soon and I do have some recent visits to add. Watch this space!


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  1. Jen permalink

    Glad to hear more will be appearing. Always trying to think of what we Can do in our church here in Lamyatt. Trouble is we are a very small church and few in number

    Jennifer Richards St Mary & St John Lamyatt

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  2. woodsend permalink

    Dear Nigel,

    Thank you for this. It is most interesting. I shall certainly respond to it personally, if not collectively from the parish and/or benefice. Also looking forward to more episodes of ‘Church Tourism’!

    Having completed the parish and benefice profiles, role description, etc. as a draft, we have just had our Section 12 meeting with Bishop Alan, following which some amendments will be made and then the final document will be ready. The interviews for those short-listed are due to take place on 24th Feb., so not long now! Let’s hope the ‘right’ person recognises their calling!

    Every blessing for this new year onwards and – most especially

    Lots of Love,

    Beverley. xxx

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