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St. Peter & St. Paul, Blandford Forum

June 21, 2017

St. Peter & St. Paul, Blandford Forum


It is always good to be able to report good news. I had visited this church before and found it locked which was a shame in a place like Blandford. However, it is now open and is welcoming and a very interesting place to visit. A large and imposing Georgian building which dominates the centre of the small town.


The door was open, with a simple sign ‘Open for Prayer’. Inside it was cool and peaceful with a well signposted prayer area. There was a simple guide to the church (the larger guide book is out of print and being revised) and some postcards, prayer cards and other cards for sale. It was interesting to look at the prominent visitors book and the comments put in it – all of them appreciative. There were 33 this month already.


The prayer area is well thought out with prayer books and other resources to help people to pray as well as a bowl with stones (with a provocative notice ‘Just let it go’) and a prayer tree and candles to light. This all looked well used which is excellent and shows how a parish church can reach out to those around by just being there and being available.


This is a church which is undergoing much needed repairs and there is literature  about this and a website at which is worth look at, as well as an active facebook page at


They deserve a lot of support to keep this historic building in good repair as well as ministering to the community. There is a website for the church at which doesn’t say much, however it is only temporary so, hopefully, there will be some visitor information on the new one. Be that as it may, go and have a look at this lovely church!


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