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St. Mary’s, Bridport

May 22, 2017

St. Mary’s, Bridport


St. Mary’s is in the centre of town. A place busy when people when I called in. The church is open each day and there is a good sign or two to help draw people in. It is a shame that the website, at doesn’t say this. It is certainly worth going to see.


Inside, I found some lights on and a welcoming interior. There is a welcome table opposite the door which is a nice idea. In general this is a place where a lot of effort has gone into welcoming people between services. There is a brief guide (free) and a laminated sheet to use also a prayer board and a votive stand – both well used as you would expect. There are displays on church life with some good cards to take away.


A refreshment area is provided as well for visitors with notices encouraging it’s use. In the chancel, there is a prayer table with a bowl of water and pebbles, all with some suggestions how these could be used for prayer. There was also some interpretation notices on the altar and some memorials – we mustn’t assume that people know what these things are or how they are used!


There was also a ‘Calendar of Saints Days’ book open on the right page! St. Mary’s is well worth a visit.



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