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St. Thomas, Bedhampton

May 3, 2017

St. Thomas, Bedhampton


St. Thomas is quite hard to photograph as much of the exterior is hidden by a very large yew tree. There is a good welcome board outside as well as clear openning times on the church noticboard, and I found two young men sat quietly before the altar when I got there. This is why churches should be  open!


The church website is at this has much information on it (and a good bit about the ‘Boiler House’ prayer room housed here) but nothing about being open for visitors that I could see – perhaps an omission?


There was a good selection of leaflets (including ‘Praying in St. Thomas’s churchyard’ and ‘Praying around St. Thomas’s Church’ which are very good) and the church is kept very clean and gives out an atmosphere of love. Some lights were on in the chancel and there is a bowl for prayer requests – a good option for churches which are hesitant about leaving candles around.



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