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St. Thomas a Beckett, Warblington with Emsworth

May 3, 2017

St. Thomas a Beckett, Warblington with Emsworth


St. Thomas sits next to a large cemetery which received quite a few visitors as I sat there eating my lunch before going into the church. As you can see from the picture above, there is a prominent sign saying that the church is open – important in that context. It is also advertised on the notice board as being open each day. Churches need to be able to respond to visitors in this way. This is a church that is quite isolated, just off a main road, and it would be very easy to make that an excuse for not being open. I am sure that this is much appreciated and several people came in whilst I was there (none of them entered anything into visitors book which had 35 entries for April). This must be a very well visited church.


The church website is at and has some excellent visitors information, including fact sheets about various aspects of the church as well as much about the life of this thriving parish. A good example of what can be done relatively simply.


Some lights were left on in the chancel and there is a book for prayers and a votive stand to use as well as some simple prayers on a laminated sheet (don’t assume everyone knows how to pray!). There are some laminated guides to the church and churchyard.


A good church to visit.


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