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St. Cyriac, Lacock, Wiltshire

July 14, 2015

St. Cyriac, Lacock

Lacock was busy today, even just after 10am. St. Cyriac’s must be one of the most visited churches outside London. Several people came in whilst I was there. A sign outside proclaimed to all that passed by that the church was open. It is well worth going in. There is a small bookstall and a range of Tim Tiley cards and booklets as well as church postcards for sale. There were 142 entries in the visitors book over the last 14 days. There is a nice ‘space’ picture from the Hubble Telescope with a link to Psalm 8 underneath it. A votive stand and prayer tree were there as well as a chapel set aside for prayer – this is what churches are for after all! This chapel has some good resources such as prayer ideas and a bible open as well as prayer books to use. There are quite a selection of the excellent LifeWords leaflets around as well.

The church website is at and this has clear visitor information on it as well as plenty of other things – a good site.

All in all, a lot of thought has gone into ministering into St. Cyriac’s many visitors and I rate this as very good. It is also a church with a real prayerful atmosphere – this is often squeezed out in well visited churches. Well worth a look as the village of Lacock is as well.


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