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All Saints, Great Chalfield

July 14, 2015

All Saints, Great Chalfield

A delightful, small church next to the National Trust property, as a consequence it is very easy to find as you just follow the brown tourist signs. You visit the church by going through the gateway to Great Chalfield Manor. There is a welcome notice by the church door.

The door itself is opened by pulling a shoe lace! Inside, I found a very atmospheric church. It is easy to overdo the word ‘atmospheric’ but it is truly justified here. It is a simply wonderful place that I recommend a visit to. There is a guide book at only 50p and some post cards. Also a ‘walk around’ guide sheet. Despite the church’s small size there is a chapel set aside for prayer with a votive stand in it to use. The church is beautifully kept and is obviously cherished by those who care for it. There are some colourful kneelers and a modern window on the ‘Parable of the Sower’ which was installed in 1999. This is no museum piece, as some churches attached to NT properties are, but a real living place of worship. Well worth a visit and I rate it as good for this study.



‘Chalfield Candle Poem’


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