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St. Peter & St. Paul, Tring

June 7, 2015

St. Peter & St. Paul, Tring

St. Peter & St. Paul’s is situated in the middle of the small town of Tring. It is open each day and well worth visiting. There is a welcome notice outside

Inside, I found a prayer request box, a prayer leaflet, a welcome board and a range of leaflets about the church and what goes on here. There is a history guide to carry around on a visit and displays about the various clubs and groups that are associated with the church. ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ too – this seems to be almost universal in Herts churches. All this gives the impression of a lively place which is friendly and worth being a part of. There is a votive stand and whilst I was there a family were explaining to a young child why they were lighting a candle in memory of a loved one. One simple instance of why it is so important for a church to be open during the week. This place is a focus of their grief and a way of offering memories to God. If it wasn’t open what would they do?

The church website is at but doesn’t give visitor information, although there is plenty of other useful stuff on it.

I rate St. Peter and St. Paul as very good for my purposes.


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