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St. John the Baptist, Albury

June 7, 2015

St. John  the Baptist, Albury

The church is open and there is a ‘church open’ sign so that people know that this is the case. This church is in the Tring Team and the website,, says this; ‘The church is open daily through out the year as a place of prayer for all people.’

Quite a lot of effort has gone into ministering to those who visit this church. There is a childrens area and walk around leaflet which is very well done. Also some post cards for sale. Some lights had been left on and there was a nice display about the weddings being held here this year as well as a lot of children’s work displayed. These all go to show that this is a living community of faith and not just a place of history and heritage. There was a good prayer board with book marks and a votive stand for lighting candles. The usual ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ book was displayed. There were 15 entries in the visitors book for May but there were several people in the church when I was there so this must get a lot of visitors.

A lovely church which I rate as good for this study. Here are a few more pictures.


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