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St. Peter & St. Paul, Cattistock

August 27, 2014

St. Peter & St. Paul, Cattistock

DSCF9289I really like this church. I am a bit of a sucker for Victorian churches and this is a real gem of one. It might not suit everyone! It is open for visitors and prepared to be surprised when you step inside! It is Decorated Gothic such as might be expected in London not rural Dorset. The sign outside mentions the Sunday service only – I wish that a few more churches would be more forthcoming in advertising to the world that they are open. Many people I talk to assume that all churches are locked whereas something like two thirds are open – in some areas virtually all churches are.

DSCF9292There are some beautiful etched glass doors to enter. There are some guides here – but they had sold out. Some ‘bats’ to carry around (in French and German also) and a folder of the monuments. Another Living Churchyard display features here. The churches 150th anniversary is shown in a display as well as details of a flower festival held here. There is a book for prayers and a good display of the history of the church – including architects plans and old photos. Also a display about HMS Cattistock – M31 a Hunt Class mine countermeasures vessel. No website but there is quite a bit about the church on the village site – see I rate the church as good.



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