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St. Mary Magdelene, Batcombe

August 27, 2014

St. Mary Magdelene, Batcombe

DSCF9288A totally unspoilt little church tucked in the lee of a hill. It was part of the story of the nearby Franciscan Community at Hilfield. To be honest there is not much to see here but there is that precious commodity – peace. This is a good place to sit and be quite and drink in an enveloping stillness. There is no sign outside but a free guide – which is interesting and well done. It tells of how small this parish is – approx 50 adults! This would be a good candidate for the Small Pilgrim Places Network. Postcards are for sale as well and a book swap. 8 people in the visitors book for July.

DSCF9286One sobering fact is that even a small place like this lost 7 men in the first World War.

DSCF9287This is a beautiful little church, completely unspoilt and unmessed with. I rate it OK for this study but think it is wonderful!


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