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St. Edmund, Castleton

August 10, 2014

St. Edmund, Castleton

DSCN0222The village of Castleton was busy the day I  went. St. Edmunds was getting it’s fair share of visitors too. Here is another interesting church. It is open each day and there were 245 entries in the visitors book for July. That means a substantial number come here. Outside the notice board only mentions the services held here but there is a good welcome notice on the door – dogs are also welcome.DSCN0223

I found a pryer request book, a guide book, book marks, cards and prayer cards for sale as well as secondhand books which were being well browsed. There are some timed lights for visitors to put on too. The box pews here give an old fashioned look to the interior.DSCN0224

A votive candle is burnt each Sunday – an unusual idea but several people remarked on it whilst I was there. There is also a history of the church display , a ‘Vinegar Bible’ and a ‘Breeches Bible’ in a case and some children’s work is on show as well. All in all, I rate St. Edmund’s as good for the purposes of this study. There doesn’t seem to be a church website but the achurchnearyou entry is a good one and starts by saying that visitors and dogs are very welcome.




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