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St. Barnabas, Bradwell

August 10, 2014

St. Barnabas, Bradwell

DSCN0226Climbing out of Castleton on a narrow and very steep lane it doesn’t take long to drop into Bradwell. I was lucky enough to hit upon it during the Gala Week. There were several events going on, including well dressing. The Methodist church was serving lunches and the Anglicans had an art and craft exhibition on. They were also serving good cakes and tea. The church is normally open each day.


Another Victorian building, dating from the 1860’s (the tower was added some 30 years later), St. Barnabas presents a well cared for appearance. There were some good crafts and art on show, from different age groups. There was a simple history of the church and  some cards were on sale. The visitors books showed 57 names in the last 6 days.


A prayer cross had been set up near the pulpit and prayers could be written on ‘post its’ and stuck on it. Quite a few people had done this. A World War 1 display emphasised the local links that affected many in the village in all sorts of ways.

I rate St. Barnabas as OK for this study. Worth a look.


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