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St. Alkmund, Duffield

August 10, 2014

St. Alkmund, Duffield

DSCN0282A church in a lovely spot beside the River Derwent. The churchyard is very well kept. It is open each day – the sign outside mentions the Sunday services only. There is a lot going on at this church. The website – gives a lot of information and a history but nothing on visiting in the week.


There is a guide book a leaflet on the memorial to Anthonie Bradshawe, prayer cards and some St. Luke’s Gospels for visitors. A small library cum bookstall is at the back and there is a prayer request box as well (this could be better labelled so it gets used more). In the entrance is some glasses and fresh water which is a nice touch. There is no visitors book. A nice prayer area is set up in a side chapel with a display about praying for Syria. Another well kept church which is worth a visit. I rate it as OK for this study.



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