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Melbourne Parish Church

August 10, 2014

Melbourne Parish Church (St. Michael & St. Mary)

DSCN0283This is a magnificent church next to Melbourne Hall. It is well worth a visit. The church website at gives a lot of information and the welcome video makes it clear that this is a place which values it’s visitors – they are not just potential congregants.

The church is open each day and there is one of the Diocese of Derby banners hung outside – ‘Church open to experience and explore’. You will not be disappointed here. There is so much to see here that it is a job to know where to start. There are prayer cards, leaflets about the music and the choir., bellringing leaflets (the church has a peal of 12 bells), a ‘Ten things to see before you leave Melbourne Parish Church today’ leaflet as well as a very good welcome one. There are resources to help you pray, with simple prayer leaflets to take away and guidance about what to pray when you light a candle at the votive stand. Children are also catered for with colouring sheets, pencils and puzzles all laid out inviting use. There is a guide book a heritage trail, cards, Tim Tiley prayer cards and a selection of Gospel Imprint leaflets. A library where books can be borrowed – it implies that a visitor could borrow a book and bring it back one day and a display of children’s work. A really comprehensive selection which shows the thought and care that has gone into ministering to those who are curious, seeking history, stumbling towards God or whatever else it is that motivates someone to open the ancient door into this holy place. There is no pressure to give financially but there is a discrete offering box. It is as it should be. This is one of the best churches I have visited from the point of view of the average visitor (if there is such a thing) and recommend it highly. This is a good church for people from other churches to visit to gain ideas and inspiration. I rate it excellent – and this is just a parish church in a small rural town. What could you do at yours?



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  1. Mr & Mrs K A Gibson permalink

    This is just as found when we first visited the church nearly five years ago. It made us curious and wanting to see if this lovely feeling carried on into the services. We weren’t disappointed. the welcome was genuine, the preaching marvellous and the music wonderful – so much so that we felt we had ‘come home’ and, despite the church being a long way from our home, we have become regular worshippers and I have joined the fantastic choir. Thanks be to God.

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