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St. Mary the Virgin, Wirksworth

August 9, 2014

St. Mary the Virgin, Wirksworth

DSCF9152Another fine church which also features in 1000 best churches. It is open every day with a good welcome sign on the door. Inside I found a selection of prayer cards,cards (Tim Tiley ones) some multi lingual welcome leaflets and a tourist information display. A guide book is on sale and there is a laminated ‘Brief Guide’ to wander around with. This is certainly a church worth a good wander around. For children there is a ‘Treasure Trail’ which consists of a simple A4 sheet with a plan of the church and a suggested walk around, pointing out items on interest. So few churches provide anything for children who visit and it is a refreshing change to see anything but especially good when it is well done as this is. A children’s area is set up ready to use as well.

DSCF9149The visitor’s book showed 49 entries in July. There is much of interest here as the church shows a lot of evidence of it’s varied history. Many features of this church are labelled to explain what they are and what they are used for. We mustn’t assume that our visitors know what they are looking at!

A bible was left open and there is a votive stand to use. The First World War features in a suitable display, as many churches seem to be doing. Also a copy of the famous ‘Breeches Bible’ with it’s misprint is displayed. The living church is recognised by a display on the Wirksworth Team Ministry.



DSCF9151The Wirksworth stone, found under the floor in 1820 is prominent on the wall with free leaflets to explain the scenes depicted on it. It is wroth taking some time over this as it is interesting.

St. Mary’s also features the highly polished brass which is such a noticeable attribute of Derbyshire churches. I rate this church as very good.



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