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Holy Trinity, Tansley

August 9, 2014

Holy Trinity, Tansley

DSCF9155Another simple church built in 1840 from local stone. It is again beautifully kept and a joy to visit. There is one of the Diocese of Derby banners outside; ‘Church open to experience and explore’. Also a welcome notice on the door. In church circles it is often assumed that when church visitors are people who go around with a copy of 1000 best churches, or John Betjeman under their arm, ticking them off as they go. There are people like that but most of our visitors are like those 4 I saw when I was in Holy Trinity. An older couple came in and sat down. They were local by their conversation and were out for a walk and this was a convenient place to rest and think. The others appeared to be similar. Only 3 entries in the visitors book in July but that is not the real story.

A free ‘Visitors Leaflet is provided and a very good ‘A Meditative walk around the Church’. Both home produced and both very good. These are both the sort of thing any church could come up with and show a real effort has gone into providing for visitors here. This is only a small church so all could do something similar.

DSCF9156Also, there is a pictorial record of events. Let us not forget that it is good to present the church as somewhere where people meet, worship and have fun together. A book is available to enter prayer requests into and there are ‘Why Jesus?’ and John’s Gospels available for the curious and seeking.

I rate Holy Trinity as good and this shows how simple steps can improve the welcome and experience of the church for visitors.






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