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St. Stephen’s by Saltash

August 30, 2013


Another church in the Saltash Team Ministry. St. Stephen’s was open. An impressive building which must once have been in countryside. The town of Saltash has now grown around it.

Outside, there are lots of notices but nothing about visitors.In the entrance (a glazed inner porch) there are some good welcome notices. Inside, it is a very peaceful church with a really prayerful atmosphere, with just the ticking of a clock on the wall. There is a guide book on sale and some notelets. But that is about it. No visitors book either.



I found St. Stephen’s a bit disappointing from a visitors point of view. There must be a story to tell here. As it is there isn’t much indication of what this church is actually for and why it is here.

As I was there a couple tried the inner door, which is a bit stiff and not too easy too see how it is opened. They gave up and went out. It is easy for regulars, or even us seasoned church visitors, but we do sometimes forget how off putting simple things like sticky doors are to casual visitors.

I have to rate St. Stephen’s as poor. It wouldn’t take much effort or thought to radically improve this church for visitors.



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