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St. Germans

August 30, 2013


A huge building for such a small place. This church features a magnificent west door with intricate carvings. It is often best to walk around the outside of a church before going in, otherwise you run the risk of missing important features.


The signs outside are very good and entice people in with a clear welcome. Again, this is a peaceful church with the only sound being the rythmical ticking of the tower clock – lovely.

There are guide books to buy and some nice, large, postcards. There is a wonderful atmosphere inside St. German’s but some parts of the building are quite gloomy. For instance, there are two good paintings of saints on the west wall but they are hard to see. A bit of lighting would improve things a lot here. It is a church well worth seeing.



Pilgrims can use the prayer board and there is a bit of explanation of the stained glass here. Also a children’s area set out. There were 12 names in the visitors book over the last 22 days.

I rate this church as OK but really like it. Go and have a look if you haven’t been.


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