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Leominster Priory

April 29, 2013

I was here for a Church Tourism Conference – ‘Small things, big difference’ organised by the Diocese of Hereford. I couldn’t resist using it for my study though!

Leominster Priory

Leominster Priory

As I had hoped (and expected) this is well set up for the visitor.

The signs outside are not great and don’t give any visitor information but the Priory is open every day. A good welcome notice in the porch though.

There is plenty to see inside, including a large ducking stool which was last used in 1817 for a Sarah Leeke who was spared a ducking as the river was too low.

Sanctuary area at the Priory

Sanctuary area at the Priory

The sanctuary area has been enhanced with a circular altar with seating around it. Also a lovely tapestry/ quilt? of local organisations. Very striking.

There is another bit of needlework on display – a ‘stained glass window’.

'Window' in Leominster Priory

‘Window’ in Leominster Priory

There are other displays also – history and people, including one on the choir. This is the first like that I have come across.

Choir display

Choir display

If you have a choir it seems sensible to celebrate it!

There is a nice childrens area all set up-

Priory childrens area

Priory childrens area

Also a votive stand to use and a prayer request board. The Lady Chapel is set aside for prayer and there was a prayer leaflet available.DSCF8331

Also there is a bookstall with a decent selection of books – children’s especially and cards etc. Used books for sale as well. The visitor’s book showed 42 during the last month. A good selection of leaflets. One nice one is entitled ‘Welcome to Leominster’ and list the different churches and other local information. A very good idea. Also a good one on weddings. I imagine they must get quite a few here. A further one reminds visitors that this is a house of prayer with some good prayer suggestions. The website is and clearly says that the church is open from 9am – 4pm, unless there is a funeral or other service.

I rate the Priory as very good – recommended.

And, the conference was very good also!


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