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April 29, 2013

I went to the excellent Church Tourism Conference held in leominster Priory on the 25th April. I called in at Hereford on the way-

St. Peter’s, Hereford

St. Peter's, Hereford

St. Peter’s, Hereford

I must have just missed the opening times as the website ( tells me that the church is open every day from 10am – 2pm. I was keen to look inside as this church has recently been re ordered to make it more usable. Behind the locked gates , is a good welcome sign. Not rated but will be worth another look. A useful reminder to check on teh website before visiting!

Entrance to St. Peter's

Entrance to St. Peter’s


A simpel but effective welcome

A simpel but effective welcome









All Saints, Hereford

All Saints, High Street, Hereford

All Saints, High Street, Hereford

A very busy church on Hereford High Street. This also has been re ordered in recent years and a nice cafe and a mezzanine floor has been put in, as well as a lift and a modern toilet. Yet, this is still very much a living, worshipping church.

Look one way and there is the cafe – DSCF8323








Look the other – DSCF8321

And there is a church. It is very well done and very well used.There was plenty to see here on the day I visited. The South Chapel, which has a separate entrance onto the High Street was being used for a display and stall of Zimbabwean goods.

In the church itself I found both a guide book and a short guide – both very well done.Also, a simple ‘Information for visitors’ leaflet which outlines the work of this church and flags us All Saints as a place for refreshment of body (the Cafe), mind (discussion groups, study courses etc.) and soul ( a sacred place to pray). These 3 things they appear to do successfully.

The Lady Chapel –

Lady Chapel, All Saints

Lady Chapel, All Saints


Set aside for prayer. Prayer is taken seriously here. There is their own version of Morning and Evening prayer, a votive stand and a prayer board to use.

Also a display of their Tanzanian link and local events. There is no visitors book but such would probably be impracticable here as so many people must come through the doors.

All Saints takes it’s visitor ministry very seriously and I rate this as very good – well worth a visit.


Hereford Cathedral

A bit outside my strict remit but worth a visit. A small and intimate cathedral with friendly staff, a small shop and a refectory. It was quite busy the day I went.

St Thomas Cantilupe's Shrine

St Thomas Cantilupe’s Shrine

Altar and Corona at Hereford Cathedral

Altar and Corona at Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral


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