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St. Paul’s, Honiton

May 16, 2017

St. Paul’s, Honiton


St. Paul’s sit in the middle of the town and provided a welcome respite from the rain! It is open each day as it’s notice board proudly says. Many churches forget this!


Inside, I found a well cared for and welcoming church. It was nice to see a display about the people of the church and what goes on here. It is not hard to do things like this but it does give a good welcome to people.


There is a votive stand to use and a children’s area.


A small chapel has been created and this has the blessed sacrament in it. People are encouraged to use this for prayer.


The church website at implies that the church is open but doesn’t actually say so! Some ‘Cross in my pocket’ were for sale  as well as organ music CD’s and some free leaflets.



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