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St. Michael’s, Axmouth

May 16, 2017

St. Michael’s, Axmouth


Almost beside the River Axe sits St. Michael’s which is clearly singed as being open each day. But first things first, I always have a look at church websites before I visit and this one is at but it doesn’t give any visitor info that I can see. However, there are some services recorded on soundcloud so that people can listen in. That is an excellent idea.

This is an interesting church with quite a bit to see. I found some laminated guide cards as well as leaflets about the wall paintings and a World War 1 folder giving details of those who died in that terrible conflict. There was also an excellent prayer leaflet and a prayer box to put requests into. Things that are worth putting some effort into. Also something I have never seen before, a laminated card with a prayer for use before a Church service. A lot of thought has gone into all this. I counted 22 visitors in the book this year so far, some who had called in after seeing the church as it stands beside a busy road.


There is a chapel, The Bindon Chapel, which has been re ordered to make a usable space for all sorts of things. Worth a look.



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