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St. Margaret’s, Stanstead St. Margaret’s

August 19, 2016

St. Margaret’s, Stanstead St. Margaret’s


This is a delightful little church in a very well cared for churchyard. However, I found it locked with no indication of how I might get in. The church website,, offered no clues either and the ‘achurchnearyou’ entry says ‘We are an open and inclusive church, following a relaxed liturgical tradition with easy to follow service booklets.’ and, ‘we strive to keep the word of God alive in our villages.’ I was left wondering why this church was locked up? I would think that the word of God is kept much more alive by having the church open to welcome all those who want some quiet or to think something through than it is by just welcoming people in on a Sunday. This seems like a wasted opportunity to reach out to the local community.


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