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St. Mary’s, Hitchin

November 14, 2015

St. Mary’s, Hitchin


Hitchin was busy and it was good to find St. Mary’s open as it sits in the heart of the town. There was a charity christmas card stall set up in the church. There is a guide book and one on the organ and several others, some in different languages. A welcome leaflet is available as well. Also, a very rare children’s guide (which is very good)- I wish that more churches would consider younger visitors. Also some cards which make up into a model of the church.

There is a lot to see here. The Trinity Chapel is set aside for quiet prayer and is a nice area. The Blessed Sacrament is reserved here.  A ‘Who’s who’ of church people is displayed and one on a link with Malawi – it is always good to show that a church is much more than a historic building and is a living, caring, community. The website is at and this clearly states that the church is open each day. I rate St. Mary’s as very good for this study.



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