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St. Edmund’s, Shipston on Stour

September 16, 2015

St. Edmund’s, Shipston on Stour


St. Edmund’s was open but the sign outside didn’t say so. It is quite dark inside but there is also quite a bit to see. There are guide books and some family history booklets. Also some gospels with a simple note ‘Please take one’ and some prayer cards to take away. 22 people had put entries into the visitors book this year.

There is a nice prayer area here with a prayer tree, prayer book, votive stand and some suggestions for prayers. This is all around a chapel in which the blessed sacrament is kept. This makes for a prayerful place to sit quietly for a time. Very good. There is a toilet here also. The church website is at,uk which is a good site but doesn’t have any visitor information on it.



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