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All Saints, Sandon

September 16, 2015

All Saints, Sandon

All Saints is an interesting church to visit. The massive brick buttresses on the tower were added in the 17th century as I assume that it was in danger of collapse. Inside, I found a parish cook book for sale (these often have very good recipes in them) and some mugs and post cards for sale. There is an area for children and a display of their work. 14 people had put entries into the visitors book this year. ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ was on display as well.

There are bats in this church and a small display told me that these are Pipestrelles, Brown Long Eared, Serotine’s and Natterer’s. It is good to see these endangered species made a feature of.

The church is beautifully kept and worth seeing. Their is a poignant memorial to a fire fighter who died whilst trying to rescue someone from a fire in a block of flats.


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