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St. Mary’s, Twyford

September 10, 2015

St. Mary’s, Twyford (Berks)


St. Mary’s was open when I visited. The signs outside do not say this but do give details of the services held here and of the website (which gives a lot of info and a history of the church but no mid week visitor info).

It is quite gloomy inside but is a well cared for church. I found some of the Oxford Diocese Leaflets on the Christian faith, UCB Word Bible study booklets, Why Jesus ? and Knowing God personally. There is no guide to the building. There is a prayer request box but no slips or paper to write prayers on. The visitors book showed only 5 entries for this year.


St. Mary’s is a simple church building with not a lot of interesting features but there is a ‘Lace window’ which is a framed piece of lace on the wall. It bears tribute to the once widespread lace industry in the area. This was not easy to photograph due to the lack of light but I managed a reasonable picture.

This is perhaps not the most interesting church to visit but it is an oasis of calm in what is a busy area. More could be made of the building but it was good to find it open and to be able to spend some time looking and praying.



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