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St. Stephen’s, Chaulden

August 10, 2015

St. Stephen’s, Chaulden

DSCN0757St. Stephen’s is a simple pre fabricated building. It is easy to look down on on a humble church like this but it has served it’s local community since the 1950’s. It is never going to make any list of notable churches nor will people flock to see it but it has it’s own charm. I found it open as a couple were doing some painting. They spoke warmly of their little church and had an obvious pride in it. It is well looked after and gets used for various groups during the week. It is essentially a hall but some doors can be opened to reveal a sanctuary area which is lovingly cared for and spotlessly clean. A real surprise find and a delightful little place. There doesn’t seem to be a website but there is a little on ‘a church near you.’



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