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St. Mary the Virgin, Albury

August 1, 2015

St. Mary the Virgin, Albury

I found St. Mary’s open. It is another church with the Hertfordshire ‘spike’ on it – a spirelet really but characteristic of this area. What is most interesting about St. Mary’s is inside. There is a walk around guide and some notelets for sale as well as a history booklet. These are all common but here, under the tower, is a good display about the First World War. It gives a lot of detail about some of the local people who fought, and died, in that conflict. It also puts it into context. A lot of work has gone into this. There is a rather odd war memorial here which is designed like an altar. I haven’t seen anything quite like this before.


There is also a prayer board and a sand tray to light candles. ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ also appears too. The website – doesn’t mention the WW1 display nor give visitor information which is a shame.


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