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All Saints, Little Munden

August 1, 2015

All Saints, Little Munden

All Saints was a real surprise. From the outside it is a simple country church much like any other. There is an A frame notice outside saying that the church is open. Inside there is a nice modern kitchen area, toilet and an upstairs meeting room. And a large display about the fauna and flora in the wonderful churchyard here. This goes into a lot of detail with even the lichens on the gravestones identified and described. There was also a churchyard plan and a record of the monuments. Also another good World War 1 display which features the people from the village who served in the conflict. There is a notable monument here too to Sir Peter Thornbury and there is a display about that as well. There doesn’t seem to be a church website but there is an entry on ‘a church near you’ but this doesn’t mention all that there is to see here! There is a good churchyard leaflet to take away which details some of the plants to be found and one that details all those who fought in WW1 and what happened to them. Another leaflet details Sir John Thornbury’s tomb and a straightforward guide to the church.

A lot of effort has gone into visitors here and I rate this church as very good for this study and was glad that I had visited it.



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