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St. Peter’s, Watford & St. Matthew’s, Oxhey

July 23, 2015

St. Peter’s, Bushey Mill Lane, Watford

DSCN0652There are quite a number of Anglican churches in the Watford area, most of them seem to be closed mid week.  I haven’t listed them all on this site but one or two will serve as examples.

St. Peter’s is one. It is an interesting 1960’s design with a lovely window which was made at Buckfast Abbey. It isn’t open and the web site, which contains much of interest (see , doesn’t give any details of if it is ever open.

Another example is:-

St. Matthew’s, Oxhey

DSCN0656St. Matthew’s is a huge building which is very prominent. This was locked and doesn’t ever appear to be open. The website is at and this does give visitor information but this only appears to be for Sunday visitors. The picture isn’t great it was difficult to get a good one as the sun was wrong!

Both are a wasted opportunity really and I am surprised that St. Matthew’s isn’t open


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