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St. James, Bushey

July 23, 2015

St. James, Bushey

DSCN0649St. James is open each day and is well visited – several people came in whilst I was looking around. The visitors book only showed 5 entries for July, which goes to show how poor a guide to numbers these are, although one of the people did write in it and put ‘I love this church’. The door was left open which does tempt people in. There can be a reluctance to open the door for the first time. Inside, there are some guides and a small library which simply says ‘Please take and read’. Some lights were left on which helps to give a welcoming feel as well. There is a guide book and a good welcome leaflet which outlines the many activities that go on here. This appears to be a church which tries hard to be at the centre of the community here. There are two votive stands to use and an open bible as well as the ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ book. One thing which I thought was a good idea was some prayer boards made around a pillar. There were sections ‘In Thanksgiving, The Departed, The Sick…, Special Needs or Concerns’. There is a picture below.

The parish website is at which gives details of the 3 churches in Bushey – visitor information is shown.


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