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St. Martin’s, Fifield Bavant

July 20, 2015

St. Martin’s, Fifield Bavant


St. Martin’s is a wonderful, tiny church. I hadn’t planned on visiting it but having ridden by it, I just had to stop and take a look. I’m glad I did. I have seen photos of this church but hadn’t realised I was going to pass it. It is open each day and is approached through a farm-yard (you can park there). It has a wooden sign post from the road but otherwise nothing else. It is the smallest church in Wiltshire and is regularly used. Inside (it is never locked), I found some postcards for sale and some free prayer booklets, cards and book marks which were good. 5 visitors in the book for July (I visited on the 17th). There is also a small display on some the archaeological finds found here. And a bit of interpretation as to what is what. I read that the hamlet has only 2 houses, 10 cottages and a population of only 19! There are more seats in this church than population. The only suggestion I would make is that it would be good to have some way of leaving prayer requests here eg. a book or a prayer board.

St. Martin’s would make a great Small Pilgrim Place. The church website is at and this gives very clear visitor information.



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