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St. Augustine’s, Broxbourne

July 11, 2015

St. Augustine’s, Broxbourne

St. Augustine’s is situated in a lovely setting, beside the ‘New River’ and opposite a park. The church was open, with an A board outside saying that this was the case. Inside I found a guide book and some postcards and notelets for sale. There was a visitors book which showed 6 entries for June (I visited on 25th June). There was a knowledgeable lady there who told me quite a bit about the church. Items of interest were well labelled. Prayer requests can be left and these are placed on an altar which shows that they are taken seriously. Some lights were left on and there is also a prayer table with some ‘take away’ slips of paper with suitable bible verses on them. The church website is at which has an unusual design and doesn’t give any specific  visitor information.


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