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Christchurch, Waltham Cross

July 11, 2015

Christchurch, Waltham Cross

I will always remember this church as I parked in a side street – there is no where close to the church which is on a very busy junction. I passed a fried chicken shop and bought some on my way back to the car. This was probably the most disgusting meal I have ever had. It tasted as though it had been fried in stale sweat and even I couldn’t eat it. Recalling it now brings a nauseous feeling.

Back to the church. Having got there I found it locked up and with no indication is to whether it was possible to get in between services. There is no real website as such but a good entry on ‘a church near you’ which tells me that this is a joint Anglican and Methodist church. There is an entry about the ‘Stations of the Cross’ here and some pictures which are a bit frustrating when you can’t get inside. It looks like a church worth visiting if only you could.

Avoid the fried chicken as well.


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