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St. Bartholomew’s, Wigginton

June 7, 2015

St. Bartholomew’s, Wigginton

A smashing little church in a very well maintained churchyard. It was open. Inside it is pretty dark but once my eyes had become accustomed to the relative gloom I found an interesting interior. There didn’t seem to be a visitors book nor much else but this is a church with a really peaceful and prayerful atmosphere. There was a bible open and a votive stand also a hand written bible, ‘The Tring Bible’ which was a millennium project. It would be worth making more of this as it was obviously a labour of love.

There was the usual ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ – which is very good and the sacrament is reserved here. The church floor slopes down to the East end which is rather unusual – I have seen churches that go the other way . Also there is a toilet that visitors can use. The church website says this; ‘The church is open during the daytime, every day. As you will see as you browse these pages, Morning Prayer is said at 8.30am. Many people drop in during the day, some for quiet contemplation, some to get things straight with themselves, and with God, and others, just to get away from the frantic world we live in. Slow down and feel better.’ Good stuff! See


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