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St. Paul’s, Chipperfield

May 27, 2015

St. Paul’s, Chipperfield

St. Paul’s is open and situated on the village green. There were lots of people around when I visited. The external noticeboard just mentions service times and events. This really is a lovely church which is very well cared for. It dates from 1837.

Inside, I found the Diocese of St. Albans ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ book and a Remembrance book in which to write details of those who had been involved in World War 1. This is a very good idea that I have not seen before and a lot of people had written entries in it. Worth copying! There is a range of guides for sale as well as notelets and the ‘Word for Today’ booklets (which are simple Bible study guides and very good). Only 2 people had signed the visitors book for May. There is a website at  but there is no visitor information as such. I leave you with some pictures of the lovely interior of St. Paul’s. I rate this as OK for this study.

Stunning West Window

Stunning West Window


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