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St. Peter the Apostle, Mill End

May 25, 2015

St. Peter the Apostle, Mill End


St. Peter, Mill End

This church is in the same parish as West Hyde and Heronsgate (see the website at – which gives no visitor information for any of the three churches but plenty else).

I re visited this church as I found it locked the first time but it is usually open each day. A study like this can only ever be a snapshot but I’m glad I was able to go again. There is a good welcome notice on the door of the church. This nicely sets the tone for St. Peter’s.

There is the usual ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ book that many churches in the Diocese of St. Alban’s have. Some lights are left on too which helps to create a good atmosphere. Some modern, and very good Stations of the Cross are displayed. A couple of these are shown below.

There is a Lady Chapel for quiet prayer and this is a nice space. A basket for prayer requests was at the back of church but might be better here?

There is a long kneeler around the altar rail and this is full of symbolism. An explanation of this is displayed and is well worth studying.

All in all, St. Peter’s is a nice church with a peaceful and prayerful atmosphere.


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  1. St Peter’s is usually open every day of the week in daylight hours. Perhaps on this occasion it was not open because you visited on a Bank Holiday and during half-term, when there were few people around to open and close the building.There is a visitors book inside, the church is beautifully kept, there is provision for leaving prayer requests, there are leaflets about the church and the parish, and lights are left on to make it welcoming. Perhaps you should try visiting again.

    • Thank you. These sorts of visits can only ever be a snapshot by their very nature. Yes, I will visit St. Peter’s again – probably pretty soon as I am keen to make things as accurate as I can.
      I agree very much with your other comment, church buildings have a definite atmosphere and are themselves a ‘sermon in stone’. But we have to start somewhere. What I am looking for is firstly is the church open? If it is what provision has been made to cater for an interested visitor? It might be by a guide book or something similar, some provision for prayer requests or to enable prayer in some way. Even better if there is evidence that these are taken seriously so that those who visit feel able to leave something, and so on.
      I am using a standard set of criteria because what I am seeking is variations around the country and between urban, rural etc. No one else has done anything similar so it is providing some useful data – some of which I have shared to groups such as the Church Visitors and Tourists Association and the Small Pilgrim Places Network. It is very much an ongoing work towards a book. The blog is just to provide something concrete for those who are interested in this subject – which hasn’t had the recognition it deserves. I have also done some work with churches who want to know how to minister in some way to visitors.
      I have no particular wish to judge a church I am just measuring it against a set of criteria – I am always careful to say something like ‘for the purposes of this study’.
      Feedback is always welcome.

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