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All Saints, Croxley Green

May 25, 2015

All Saints, Croxley Green


All Saints

This church sits on a busy road and is open each day.

There is a welcome notice on the board outside and on the gate leading into the porch. Inside, I found a good guide book at only 50p. There is a god area for children and the visitors book showed  4 entries so far for May.

There are details of the WW1 casualties who are named on the memorial at the back of the church also a church library and a display of the various people who hold offices in the church. These sorts of displays do remind visitors that here is not just an old building but a living church. ‘Saints and Pilgrims’ was open as well. There is a prayer board to use as well as a votive stand.

All Saints is another well kept church with a light interior and many signs that there is a lively church community who worship here. The website is at this doesn’t give visitor information but does have a good church tour on it.

I rate All Saints as very good – call in if you are going past.

'Saints and Pilgrims'

‘Saints and Pilgrims’




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