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Holy Trinity, Margate

April 16, 2015

Holy Trinity, Margate

DSCN0544This is a very busy church with a well used community centre attached to it. Lots of different groups use this excellent facility each day. The church was built in the 1930’s and the exterior is not easy to photograph as it is surrounded by tall trees and a busy road. The church was open by going into the community centre entrance and turning left. Inside it is beautifully kept and is an oasis of peace and quiet. Nothing was available for visitors, no visitors book or leaflets or anywhere to leave prayers. That is a shame but at least Holy Trinity is open and peace can be found here. By the standards of this study I do have to rate it as poor. I will leave you with some pictures of the inside and the external sign (the website appears to be defunct). There is an entry on achurchnearyou which says ‘We believe that our faith in Jesus is central to all that we do. That being a Christian is exciting and gives us the motivation to reach out in love. All are welcome to come and enjoy what is being offered. Trinity is a parish church rooted in the local community. ‘  This appears to be very much the case.



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