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St. Peter & St. Paul, Buckingham

January 24, 2015

St. Peter & St. Paul, Buckingham

DSCN0485Buckingham is a thriving small town and there seems to be new building in many places there. The church stands high up above the town on the site of a castle and it is open every day. The church website is at – this shows plenty going on but there is no visitor information although there is a page on the church’s history.

The signs outside give details of the services and clergy. There is a good welcome in the porch and a sign which says that the church is open.

Inside there is a guide and some ‘bats’ to carry around as well as a guide about the windows. Also a welcome leaflet and a welcome leaflet. The church was undergoing some building work at the time of my visit which restricted access a bit. There is a toilet here as well and the church was nice and warm as there had been a children’s club, ‘The Ark’ on in the morning. There is a votive stand to use and a prayer request board and some prayer resources to get people started.

The church is keen to reach out to the local community in many ways and there is even a free lunch on offer on Tuesdays.

DSCN0487DSCN0486The visitors book shows 8 visitors in the last 2 months. I rate St. Peter & St. Paul’s as good for this study.


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