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St. Martin of Tours, Chelsfield

September 12, 2014

St. Martin of Tours, Chelsfield

DSCF9242This is another church that is a part of the Small Pilgrim Places Network (see The church is open every day and there is a good size car park in front. The sign board gives various details about what happens here but doesn’t say that the church is open for visitors. The church website can be found on – this gives a church plan plus photos, as well as saying that the church is open each day. No mention of SPPN though. This is also reflected inside as I could find no mention of this. The other churches I have visited that are part of the Network make quite a lot of it, but not here for some reason.

DSCF9376A sign on the door welcomes visitors. There is a good welcome leaflet in the church which gives details of church life as well as historical information about the building. There some historic cards and pictures for sale and a CD of organ music for church funds. 13 people had signed the visitors book in August.

DSCF9244A small display shows some pictorial history and there is a Bible left open on the lectern.

On the south side is a chapel – is St. John’s Chapel which is set up for prayer. There are some prayer cards to use for requests, with a focus on remembering those who have died.

I must admit that I found myself rather disappointed by St. Martin’s. They do need to make more of the membership of SPPN. This is probably because the others I have visited have been so good. I rate it is OK plus for this study – worth a visit as refuge from the M25 nearby!


Prayer requests on top of a heater

Prayer requests on top of a heater


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