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St. Jame’s, Twycross

August 10, 2014

St. Jame’s, Twycross

DSCN0306St. Jame’s is in ‘1000 Best Churches’ so I thought it worth a look as it was easy to come that way. Simon Jenkins says; ‘There is little to bring us to Twycross village and  only one thing to its church. This is the North Midlands at its least exciting.’ I agree. And, to make things worse, St. James was firmly locked up! The best thing at St. James’ is some French glass rescued from the Revolution by George iii and given to friends and cronies – including the Howes who put it in their local church. The notice board says about the services but gives no indication as to how to gain access.

There is a Benefice website on which gives a bit of visitor information for some of the churches but not for St. James. The site proudly proclaims ‘Change your life today’ – ‘We have an exciting programme of development to ensure the church plays a full part in the life and health of our communities.’ Is this meant to be ironic? Or doesn’t this apply to the good people of Twycross?

This is all very poor and doesn’t do any good for the mission of the Church – open the door and let people in!


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