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St. Peter and St. Blaise, Somersal Herbert

August 8, 2014

St. Peter & St. Blaise, Somersal Herbert

DSCF9119Another Small Pilgrim Places Church. This one is in Derbyshire. It is open each day and there is a good welcome in the porch but nothing outside. Inside I found a guide book at £1.50 some cards and home made (?) prayer cards. Also some preserves. Only 4 people had signed the visitors book during July.

DSCF9121This is another place which exudes a sense of holiness. Holy water had been left in the font and there is the smell of incense lingering in the air. This is a place which gets prayed in, and not just on a Sunday.

There are some good prayer request cards which say that any request will be prayed at the next service. It is obvious that this is what happens here. Also some cards for prayer requests for a Celtic Evening Prayer.

There was an excellent leaflet that invites people to pray here and gives some suggestions.


DSCF9122A  prayer cross also asks for prayers to be added. I added one for a person I know who is dying…

There is every opportunity to offer prayer in this place and it is an excellent place to do so. A large votive stand can be used for candles and there is a churchyard plan and a folder with biographies of World War 1 dead. Also a small library of books to borrow for quiet days or to browse. One slight oddity was a leaflet about a labyrinth – only there didn’t seem to be one, either in or out of the church ( I have recently been told that this is cut into the grass to the right of the door as you come out. I have been sent a photo of this, taken from the top of the tower and that can be seen below). There doesn’t seem to be a parish web site but there is more on

An icon of St. Blaise is in the chancel-

DSCF9124He was one of the ‘Fourteen Holy Helpers’ and Bishop of Sebaste (in Armenia). He was martyred in the 4th century. When he was hiding from his persecutors a lady brought her son who was at the point of death as he had a fish bone stuck in his throat. St. Blaise blessed him and he was cured. He is still invoked for throat problems. An outline of his life would be good here but otherwise I rate St. Peter and St. Blaise as very good. Something for children would make it excellent. Go and see you will not be disappointed.

Labyrinth cut into the grass - a view from the top of the tower

Labyrinth cut into the grass – a view from the top of the tower




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  1. Joanna Ewing permalink

    This is a great piece about our little church thank you. surprised you were not able to find the Labyrinth as it is cut into the grass to the right of the main door as you exit. Or adjacent to the bell tower in the west corner of the churchyard.

    Did you send this piece to our Rector?

    • Sorry to miss the labyrinth – I will alter the entry to reflect that. I hadn’t sent this to any one else but plewase feel free to share it.

      • Joanna Ewing permalink

        Thanks Nigel and thanks again for such a super write up. Did you send this to anyone at St. Peter’s? The Rector perhaps? Have printed off and will definitely share.

  2. No I didn’t. I have been to so many churches that I usually leave it to them to discover what I have written. Some do and some don’t. It is always good to get feedback as this is useful.
    I really enjoyed visiting St. Peter and St. Blaise and I have been to several Small Pilgrim Places (as well as setting one up – St. Paul’s West Wycombe). It is a great idea and I spoke at the SPPN annual gathering recently.

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