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St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne

August 8, 2014

St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne

DSCF9133Ashbourne is a wonderful little town. A bakers there sells a pasty entitled ‘The Challenge’ – I was fully up to it. But back to more spiritual things.

Another magnificent church. I had been here before but hadn’t remembered just how good it is. There is much to interest the visitor here. The sign outside just mentions the Sunday services and the Vicar, something a bit more welcoming would be good and might entice more people inside. The door was open and inside there is a good bookstall with all sorts of books and much of local interest. There is a guide book to the church and a lovely leaflet entitled ‘Ten things to see before you leave St. Oswald’s today’. A good idea that I hadn’t seen before though it does appear in other Derbyshire churches. An idea worth copying.


There is some nice children’s work displayed. I always like to see this at it shows that there are children there and that their efforts are valued by the church. There were only 56 visitors in the book for July but there must be way more than that. I saw quite a few whilst I was there. People are reluctant to sign these but there are always a lot of foreign visitors entered. Is this a cultural thing?

DSCF9135The Boothby Chapel is full of interesting monuments which are well labelled so that visitors can understand what they are looking at. A folder is around as well listing all the many monuments in the church.

Some of the lights in the building are on PIR’s so come on as you approach certain areas.





A votive stand is available and a prayer book. The church is again spotlessly clean and the brass positively gleams. I rate St. Oswald’s as very good. Another church well worth a visit, and the bakers is pretty good too!


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